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Responding to Suffering
How do you feel when your life is interrupted by suffering and adversity?

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Tree of Life 11 - Starting to Bear Fruit - Part 1

The Tree of Life 11 Part 1 ; Starting to Bear Fruit

Luke 22:14-22

The Tree of Life was protected by flaming swords in the garden. Jesus was protected! Jesus became the first fruit of the vineyard. 600 soldiers came to cut off the first fruit and carry it to the winepress. The disciples ran because they did not yet understand.

Stephan had a devine moment in the winepress. They were convicted by Stephan's words, they wanted to shut him up. They did not want to hear that they might have been wrong about Jesus.

Stephan had to go to sleep so the apostles would wake up. They had to go to the watchtower. They had to get ready for the next part of the vineyard.

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