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What do you value most about your relationship with Jesus?

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Christ is Risen, Come and be Merry - Hristos Vokrse

Easter Celebration originally made as fund-raiser for the restoration of the mediaeval Serbian monastery the "Pillars" of St George, - which is a UNESCO world-heritage site. The video includes traditional Serbian folk-instruments and customs such as coloured Easter Eggs: symbol of the new life through the Resurrection of Jesus.
Director: Ivica Vidanovich
Lighting: Dragan Krchmar "barbalight"
Director of photography; Aleksandar Kostich; promotion: Predrag & Nemanja Stojanovich & Society of friends of Georgevi Stupovi (Stari Ras)
Music and Arrangement: Ljubomir Ninkovich & Ljiljana Popovich:
Text: St Vladika Nikolaj Žički.
Performance: Musical Orchestra "Stupovi" & guests

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Translation Richard M Exelby 2015.
There is no way a translation of this song can be expected to preserve all the qualities of the original, so I have not even tried to keep the rhyme scheme. The result is not an exact translation, but at least fairly faithful to the original, and must be taken on its own merits.

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