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BEAUTIFUL Love Song by 15YO Tells Her Parents' Love Story

Two Hearts, One Moon by Cassandra Mohr - tells the love story of her parents - available on iTunes at Cassandra Mohr recorded this song in December, 2012 at the age of 15.

Here's the accompanying love story:

1988 - While living in Alaska, Greg Mohr looks at the moon and wonders where his future wife might be. He pens a poem about the future love of his life (whom he has not yet met)
1993 - Back in California, Greg meets and marries the love of his life
1997 - Cassandra Mohr is joyously welcomed into the world
2012 - Cassandra writes and records a song based on her father's poem
2013 - "Two Hearts, One Moon" is released

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Copyright 2012 Cassandra Mohr.

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