5 of 6 - If God Really Loves Me Then Why Do I Suffer?- Billy Crone

Whether it's the Christian or the non-Christian, one universal question we all seem to have in this life is, "If God Really Loves Me, Then Why Do I Suffer?". Unfortunately, most people can't see any rhyme or reason why a wise and loving God would allow difficulties to come our way. Therefore, many people either deny that God exists or they accuse Him of being a Big Ol' Meany. Therefore this series takes a look at 16 Wise Reasons why God allows difficulties. Such wise reasons as: To Expose Our Sin Nature, To Keep Us From Becoming Spiritually Lazy, To Cause Us To Be A Blessing To Others, To Teach Us That God is God and We Are Not, To Make Us More Like Jesus, To Keep Us From Wasting Our Lives, To Make Us More Humble, To Make Us More Joyful, To Make Us More Loving, To Produce A Powerful Testimony, To Produce A Powerful Character, To Get Us Steered In A New Direction, To Get Us To Build Our Faith, To Get Us To Appreciate Fellowship, To Teach Us The Power Of Praise and To Take Us To Heaven. People, God is not being some sort of cosmic terrorist and He certainly isn't trying to torture us when He allows difficulties to come our way. No! God loves each and everyone of us, and if we could only see how wise He really is, we would be able to soar above any and all problems that come our way! And isn't that all we pray for?

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