MercyMe Shares Powerful True Story Behind Inspiring Song 'Say I Won't'

MercyMe Shares Powerful True Story Behind Inspiring Song 'Say I Won't'

God has created each of us for a purpose in this world, this means he is the author of our stories and if we are willing, he will use whatever was meant to harm us for good. This happens to be the story for Gary Miracle after the multi-platinum award-winning band MercyMe shares the powerful true story behind their inspiring song, ‘Say I Won’t.’

In this video, we meet Gary Miracle (yes, that’s his actual name). Gary has been long-time friends with the band MercyMe since the beginning. In fact, he was their merchandiser and he admits he was awful at it. Bart Millard lovingly jokes just how bad Gary was, but they saw his heart in all of his efforts.

But things took a turn for the worst for Gary in 2020. Right at Christmas, Gary became severely ill. After taking him to the hospital, his family and friends learned he was in the fight of his life, and this fight would come with battle scars. In order to save his life because he was septic, he would have to lose his arms and legs. He then spent 107 days in the hospital. When his health improved, he then had to learn how to walk, how to talk, how to feed himself, and even how to sit up on his own again.

Inspired by his resilience and faith in God, MercyMe gave their friend Gary a precious gift, they wrote the song, “Say I Won’t.” When the band finished writing the song, Bart sent it to Gary who was in shock. Bart said, “He texted and joked the rest of the day with texts like, ‘say I won’t get a drink of water say I won’t answer the phone.”

This incredible and inspiring video of perseverance combines the powerful lyrics to the song ‘Say I Won't’ with the emotional photos and video of Gary’s journey and it truly captures the depth of Gary’s struggles and suffering while shining the light on how God turns our tragedies into HIS victories.

Bart says, “It's incredibly overwhelming to see Gary's situation. But to watch his wife and kids.....what they're going through and standing by and supporting him is mind-blowing. It feels like it's a whole other level of love.”

If this doesn’t tell the redemptive story of God’s love, I don't know what will. What an incredible God we serve.

“But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

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