Bass Singer Performs Nostalgic 'Take Me Home, Country Roads' Cover

Bass Singer Performs Nostalgic 'Take Me Home, Country Roads' Cover

Once you listen to this song, it will be on repeat in your mind for the rest of the day!

Geoff Castellucci a bass singer performs nostalgic ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ cover and it may be the best rendition of this beloved John Denver song to date! Geoff, a Florida native is known for crowning lyrics in rich, deep octaves that we didn’t know was humanly possible.

The singer has his own Youtube channel with several other covers, several originals, and more than 150,000 subscribers. He’s also a part of the band VoicePlay which takes music from different eras and molds into humorous theatrics!

He has performed dozens of songs over the ages including, Sixteen Tons, The Night Before Christmas, and narrated the story of The Little Mermaid. His Youtube channel also includes bits of pieces of not only his professional life as an artist including how he arranges his music but he also showcased his lovely wife and their firstborn son William. Can you imagine Geoff singing lullabies as night to his son?

At the request of his fans, Geoff recorded his rendition of Country Road and the result is astounding.

He created a beautiful blend of high notes and low notes, that it will make you want to play the song on repeat. At least it seems that way. He released the cover song three weeks ago and it’s already gone viral with more than 330,000 views there!

After he released the video he wrote the caption, “I've loved this John Denver tune for a long time, and happily, you guys requested it. I hope you enjoy this re-imagined, bassified version of the song. Also the cat's name is Tiger, and he's just as awesome as he looks.”

About a minute into production, the Tiger crashes the video and it seems like Geoff might be a ‘cat guy.’ What could be better than a man with a gifted deep voice that happens to be an animal lover? What an incredible voice!

“He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the Lord.” Psalm 40:3

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