Garden Full Of Cats Is An Animal Lover's Dream

Garden Full Of Cats Is An Animal Lover's Dream

Check out this adorable video of a garden full of cats. What a dream for any animal lover!

At the start of the video, the camera shows one cat looking very comfortable laying in a planter. Then the camera pans to another cat basking in the sun on top of a container full of soil. The cat looks like it is sleeping.

Then we see another cat cuddled up in another planter. And it looks up to the camera with the most beautiful green eyes. Finally, we see yet another cat sleeping in a red planter. The soil must be warm from baking in the sun, making it quite a nice and cozy spot for these cats to take a little nap.

"I thought it was cute that all the cats had fallen asleep in the planters,” says the person in Idaho who filmed this adorable scene. “Immediately thought they were a cat garden. Why wouldn’t you want a garden of cats?"

The sweet video has gained a lot of attention since being posted online, with many people making funny jokes about the garden full of cats.

“That's what you get seeding catnip. Looks like time to harvest if you ask me,” comments one person after watching the video on YouTube.

“So do you just got to water them? Or do they require treats too?” jokes another person online.

These cats clearly are enjoying their garden naps, and what a fun sight to see them all together, sleeping in those planters.

We hope that you enjoyed this video of a garden full of cats and it was able to bring a smile to your face today!

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