Emotional Dad Tears Up Holding Newborn Baby

Emotional Dad Tears Up Holding Newborn Baby

As this emotional dad tears up while holding his newborn baby, you’ll understand firsthand that life offers landmarks too marvelous for words.

Young dad smiles proudly, lost in the mystery of the new life he’s embracing. Then you hear the loving voices of others who are there in the quiet with him. Someone asks, “how’s it feel to be a dad?” And another gently offers, ”congratulations.”

Dad is too much in the moment to respond to anyone, holding two lives in the balance. He cradles his new baby in his right arm, and with his other arm, he invites his mom to enjoy the moment with him via FaceTime.

With both his hands full, this young man is absorbing the wonder that he’s become a precious child’s dad.

Mom’s reaction on FaceTime is golden. She, too, is too moved for words. Hand covering her mouth in awe, it’s obvious she’s floored by the baby’s beauty—and the gift of seeing her son become a dad.

The moment worth watching, again and again, is when Dad’s proud eyes gush forth with tears that he has to wipe away with the arm he’s using to hold on to mom. His intent was to happily show her his newborn baby via the cellphone...but seeing mom’s reaction causes his cup to overflow.

You can then see mom’s uncontainable smiles on the phone screen as this new dad buries his tears in his elbow, tilting his phone screen toward the camera. This is the moment he spends with his own heart.

One commenter shared, “I’m 63 and STILL remember that feeling. It also happens with the 1st Grandchild.”

Another offered, “Love at first sight. Awesome.”

Watching this new dad’s sweet transformation is like walking with him, over the bridge, from what was...to what is eternal. It’s breathtaking to stare wordlessly with him, into the depths of unconditional love.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights…” James 1:17

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