'If You Ain't In It' - Danny Gokey

'If You Ain't In It' - Danny Gokey

‘I've got things that I thought

Would fill my heart up, sittin' on top winning
But that ain't winning
I've chased all the good stuff
All the bad stuff
Stuff the world calls living
But that ain't living’

When we have the Lord in our hearts, we can truly rise to incredible heights. His love is such an amazing force and there is nothing that our God cannot do. He is all mighty, all-powerful and all knowing. It’s such a great feeling to have a Father that will always stand by our side and never abandon us. Even in those times when we may feel distant or far away from God, always remember that He is right there to guide us back home with open and loving arms.

Christian artist Danny Gokey knows all about God’s incredible love and that’s just what he’s singing about today. Just listen as he belts out the powerful words of ‘If You Ain’t In It.’ This is one of those songs that will have you on your feet praising His name. The Lord truly knows us better than we know ourselves and when we open up our hearts to Him, the most amazing things can happen.

I think we can all relate to these words from Danny Gokey. Without God’s love, where would we be? There is so much to be thankful for each and every day and this song is the perfect way to give praise to His name. Who else in singing along with me right now?