The Angel Gabriel Sends Text To Announce Jesus' Birth

The Angel Gabriel Sends Text To Announce Jesus' Birth

When we think back to the birth of Jesus, one of the things we often overlook is communication. In an age without computers or cellphones, I'm sure it was really hard to share the good news with everyone. It would take an extremely long time to carry a message from one destination to another. But what if there was an easier way back then? What if text messaging was available?

This funny video imagines what that would be like as we take a look at the Angel Gabriel sharing the message of the birth of our Savior. He hilariously communicates with Joseph, the wise men, the shepherd and even Mary. It's so funny to imagine what it would be like to welcome Jesus in modern times.

This video has been viewed over 10 million times and once you watch it, you'll understand exactly why. I find myself laughing at something new each time I press play. Who else is giggling at this funny parody?

TXMAS 2018 #5 - NATIVITY SCENE | by txtstories

TXTMAS 2018 EP. 5 - texts. visions. miracles. ✨ whatever works. #txtmas

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