"I Change Not!"

"I Change Not!"

Anything man-made falls woefully short of demonstrating any of God's characteristics!

However, if we approach the visual human impressions of who God is with the proviso "Take this and mentally multiply it beyond human recognition...", then visual human expressions have some merit.

In the attempt to illustrate the lasting & unchanging nature of God, I have chosen to use some of my favorite photographic subjects...classic cars. In the examination of the Cadillacs, Pontiacs, and Fords of yesteryear, we find traits that men traditionally value...sturdiness, strength, and the ability to protect one's family in moments of critical danger.

I love to express it this way...

"Old cars and old cameras are great for the same reason. They're made out of real metal!

"They're heavy! They're sturdy! When I want an accordion (or a car that won't protect you in a crash,) I'll go to a music store! When I want a car or a camera, I'll look for something that works my muscles while it works like it was intended to work!"

There is an added blessing to the classic cars illustration...They demonstrate visually how the world looks upon the mystery of God and His servants.

When the world considers God and Christians, they often emphasize that we appear to have "rust" all over our lives (i.e. "out-dated beliefs, a God Who doesn't work like a 'good God should,' the lack of a new coat of paint, and the fact that we are just not very attractive" by the world's standards.)

However, the best answer I have ever heard for putting criticism into perspective is simply this...

"Anyone who can stand in front of a fine Monet in a heavily guarded museum saying the words 'I don't get it! My kid could do a better job!,' does NOT diminish the value and most excellent brilliance of the fine Monet,...even one little bit! He merely shows the world his own blindness with rega