Christian Singer Colton Dixon Shares Miracle After Daughter Was Born Without A Pulse

Christian Singer Colton Dixon Shares Miracle After Daughter Was Born Without A Pulse

Christian singer Colton Dixon had a harrowing experience with his wife, Annie when their daughter was born without a pulse.

The couple shared their miracle story because Annie says, “In the moments when thoughts of worry tried to creep in one word kept coming up: VICTORY.

The couple had been married over three years when they discovered they were pregnant. But God not only blessed the couple with the gift of becoming parents, he doubled it! They were pregnant with twin girls. Imagine all the pink little dresses and shoes!

“...we found out we were pregnant with twins. I felt a little sick to my stomach. Annie had cry laughter going on,” Colton said.
The pregnancy was smooth sailing for the first nine months. It wasn’t until Annie was actually in labor when they realized something was wrong. Now some people don’t realize that even with all of today’s medical advances, the birthing experience can still be dangerous and potentially deadly for both mom and the baby. Many simply reflect on birth as a beautiful, life-changing experience, which it certainly is. But for Annie, things weren’t progressing like they should have. She had been laboring for more than 30 hours when her medical team switched gears to do a C section.

The babies were delivered thirty seconds apart and that’s when this joyous experience became a life or death situation. Baby Ava Dior wasn’t breathing.

Colton said, “I remember one of the nurses asking another nurse if there was a pulse and the nurse shook her head. That’s when I went over to Annie and we watched as the doctor and nurses resuscitated our daughter back to life.”

“I leaned into that word [Victory] and it gave me peace. Praise God for a skilled team of medical professionals, God’s healing power, and His supernatural peace. There’s no way I should have had peace but the only way I can explain it is knowing it had to be God. I continuously held onto that word: Victory,” she said.

Baby Ava Dior had actually suffered some trauma to her head during the delivery. She had been caught in the birth canal for a couple of hours before the c-section. But God was watching over this couple and this precious baby. After three weeks Ava Dior was able to be reunited with her sister Athens and go home! God certainly gave this couple victory over death. What a beautiful word and amazing God.

For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith." 1 John 5:4

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