Chick-Fil-A Christmas Short Lights A Spark In Our Hearts

Chick-Fil-A Christmas Short Lights A Spark In Our Hearts

It’s that time of year again! Time for those Christmas advertisements that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Check out this new Christmas short from Chick-fil-A that is sure to light a spark in your heart!

“One year after her trip to The Time Shop, Sam’s back! This year, things are a little different and the town can’t seem to get their lights working,” writes Chick-fil-A on their YouTube page. “Now it’s up to her to find a way to be the spark to light up her town in time for the holidays.”

At the beginning of the video, Sam rushes with her family to the town square and is excited to see all the Christmas lights. But things look different than what she anticipated.

“Where is everyone? Why aren’t the lights on?” she says as she looks up at the tall Christmas tree in the middle of the square.

“I don’t know, Sam,” says her mom. “Seems like everything’s off this year.”

That’s when Sam talks to the nearby electrician and asks him what he thinks may be wrong with the Christmas lights.

“Got me. Nothing’s working,” he says. “Hey, mind flipping that switch for me?”

She switches it but it doesn’t work, so she tries again.

“Third times a charm,” the man says. And when Sam flips it one last time, she is transported to a place called “Switch Works” that is covered in lights!

Sam meets a woman there who explains where she is, and Sam confides in her that she wishes there was a switch that she could use that would fix her town.

“There is no switch for that,” the woman says. “But all people need is a little hope, a spark, to light the way. And that can be in all of us.”

Sam then finds herself back in the middle of her town, and she learns how to be the spark that lights up everything around her.

“Spark hope and light the way this season,” reads the banner from Chick-fil-A at the end of the video.

What a sweet Christmas short that leaves us all with a great reminder! We are called to be God’s light and share His goodness and hope with the rest of the world!

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