Baby Gorilla Clings To Mom At The Sight Of Snow

Baby Gorilla Clings To Mom At The Sight Of Snow

Watch this sweet baby gorilla cling to his mom at the sight of snow falling down around him.

“Adorable! This baby gorilla needed mom's protection from the scary white stuff falling from the sky,” reads the caption of the video that was shared on Facebook.

In this cute video clip, the little guy is looking up to the sky and seems to be mesmerized and unsure of all of the white stuff that is falling down around him. It is so funny how you can actually see the look of puzzlement on his face!

But no need to worry, mama will make it all better! The baby gorilla walks around to the front of his mother, and he climbs up into her arms as she is eating. I am sure many mothers can relate to this feeling of your little one needing you right when you are having a moment to yourself or having something to eat.

The little guy then crawls into his mother’s arms and holds on tight. As the snow is falling down around the two of them, the baby gorilla looks around in awe. Even though he may not know what he thinks of the snow just yet, he knows he is safe in mama’s arms.

“Aww, bless that baby's heart,” comments one person on Facebook after watching the video. “That white stuff is scary!”

“That looks like the story of a parent’s life,” writes another person online. “Multitasking at its finest!”

Another person comments online about how beautiful it is to have people in our lives that can offer us comfort and reassurance. What a true statement! “God bless all those who need reassurance. And God bless all those who give reassurance. Thanks, I needed this today. Appreciate it,” writes the person on the Facebook video.

We hope you enjoyed this sweet video and it was able to bring a smile to your face today!

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