Nurse Receives Gift From Late Patient's Family

TunDe was struggling to make her dream of being a nurse come true and it seemed that her life was just getting worse. She had only $5 in her pocket when her car ran out of gas on the side of the road.

So TunDe took the gas can in hand and started walking to the closest gas station. That's when Chris, a total stranger to TunDe, saw her and felt she needed to help. So Chris picked her up, filled her tank, and gave her all the money he had in his pocket. TunDe felt God had sent her this kind stranger, but what she didn't know was that this was just the beginning of God's amazing plan.

Three years later, TunDe was working as a nurse's aid and was caring for a woman named Judy Wright. TunDe once shared the story of the kind stranger with Judy and her family and was stunned when Judy's son Chris realized that he was the man who had picked her up that night. The families knew God had brought them back together for TunDe to care for Judy in her final days.

After Judy passed, the family wanted to thank TunDe in a special way and show her how much she means to them. So instead of flowers they asked people to send money to help TunDe pay for her nursing school. And when you see her reaction to this massive surprise you'll be in tears.

God truly orchestrated this incredible story! How amazing is this?

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