Tim Tebow Reminds Us Why We Are All Special In God's Eyes

Tim Tebow Reminds Us Why We Are All Special In God's Eyes

Christian athlete and motivational speaker Tim Tebow reminds us that we are all special because God made us that way.

Tim Tebow became a household name back in his days of playing college football. Even though he has an incredible athletic record, this pro athlete always put God first.

While playing at the University of Florida, Tim gained worldwide attention for writing bible verses on his eye paint. During one championship game, he wrote John 3:16 on his eye black and within 24 hours over 90 million Google searches were generated for the famous verse.

During his NFL days, his celebratory prayer on the field coined the phrase ‘Tebowing.’ Tim spent five years in the NFL, but after being released from the Philadelphia Eagles in 2015, he turned his sights to another dream.

Now, Tim plays in the minor leagues with the New York Mets baseball team. He continues to pursue his athletic goals, but never loses focus on the real reason for his existence.

Over the years, Tim has used his platform to share the message of God with millions of people. Today, he’s reminding us all that even in those times of doubt, God is always there. “You’re special enough for the God of this universe to send His Son. For Jesus to take on bodily form and to live as a man, but to die as a martyr for us. So, yeah, you’re worth it.”

In our world, sometimes it seems like we can get lost in the shuffle. But God created you for a specific purpose and He loves you just as you are. “You’re not an accident. You’re not ordinary. You are loved. You are special. You are one of one.”

Who else is saying amen?