The Chastening of the Lord (Sermon Jam)

This video jam titled "The Chastening of the Lord" comes from a sermon preached by Vincent A. Artese "Therefore I Hope In Him".

This is a prayer to the LORD by the prophet Jeremiah as he reflects upon the destruction of Jerusalem. His reflection leads him to humble himself under the mighty hand of God. There is no better place to be during a time of trial or affliction than to be humbled before the LORD under His mighty hand looking to see what He wills to show you through the situation. It has all taken place in response to sin and rebellion of the people. The entire calamity caused their hope and their strength to perish. It is from this place of humility and lack of strength that Jeremiah finds hope. Jeremiah sees that all of this has come about not for their destruction but for their salvation! God is merciful and compassionate! God has an end and a purpose for the entire situation! The end intended by the LORD is the salvation of the people. This leads Jeremiah to wait on the LORD and seek Him! God chastises those He loves for the sake of their refinement and their sanctification. During times of chastisement we must submit to God by faith. God’s chastisement produces righteousness, holiness, and eternal life. We must submit, surrender, and consecrate ourselves to His ends and His purposes! He is worthy of our trust because He is perfectly just! He will never act contrary to His attributes! And God is Holy Love!

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