Not Ready To Go

Is about someone (girl) ( Actually me) who has lost someone they loved dearly due to death and is questioning her life and wants to no longer live, therefore going with her loved one that has passed, but God came to her and told her that she had a life she had to live and it wasn't her time and expressed to her how important it was to continue living for her to once again see her lost loved once again soon, one day but not today..

Personal Reason for song:
This song was written as a result of depression in the loss of my dear mother. It is a true realization of how I felt at that time. I was in constant battle with my mind. I was in a dark place. My daughter ( viewed in the video) helped me put this little video together. A self expression of a piece of what my mental state and condition were in. I hope you enjoy.
Thanks Musician: SSM
for your wonderful beat.. we loved it.

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