New World Order 2016

SERMON ON THE SUBJECT OF New World Order 2016 FORETOLD, RIGHT HERE AFTER LYRICS- Words and Music By Fred Riedel Kim Riedel Rory Riedel- Please Read- Matthew24- Matthew28- John8:44- Luke21- 1Peter5:8- Revelation- LYRICS- World leaders plan to cause a disaster, this September23, to bring in a new world order, for satan their Lord, satan deceives his puppets to believe that they'll reign with him, satan knows he'll suffer in hell, and he's taking them with him. Jesus said, False Prophets will do great signs, please put your faith in me, For i have overcome the World. satan was always a murderer and the father of lies, be sober and vigilant, he's out to destroy you, cast your cares on Jesus, put your trust in Him, Jesus will never forsake us, when this age comes to an end, Jesus said Be ready, you know not when I come, watch and pray and lookup, Your redemption, your redemption draws near, watch and pray, watch and pray, Oh watch and pray, lookup Oh Lookup, for your redemption, your redemption draws near.------------ I I wrote this song last year, for September 23 2015, because the world leaders illuminatti, or billionaire elites, or satan worshippers, or, Luciferions, or whatever their called, who control banks, media, want to depopulate society, and bring in a new world order, or one world government,with one leader, one currency, and do everything opposite of God,through movies and songs, which they control, have been foretelling, that they are going to crash the cash, or bl

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