'Build Me A Daddy' Heartwrenching Song From Luke Bryan

'Build Me A Daddy' Heartwrenching Song From Luke Bryan

Country superstar Luke Bryan pulls at the heartstrings with his latest single ‘Build Me A Daddy.’

This heart wrenching song follows a young boy who lost his father. He enters a store that advertises is can build anything and the boy makes the sweetest request.

“Could you build me a daddy?
Strong as Superman
Make him ten feet tall with a southern drawl
And a crooked smile if you can
'Cause I sure miss him
Maybe you could bring him back?”

For years, Luke Bryan has been a staple in the country music world. Recently, he’s even crossed over into mainstream music as a judge on ABC’s American Idol.

Today, he’s back to his roots with this touching country song off of his latest album, ‘Born Here, Live Here, Die Here.’ Luke shared his thoughts on ‘Build Me A Daddy’ on Instagram. "There are people out there who are going to really, really relate to this song and it’s going to affect them in a beautiful way."

As you listen to these words, we are truly taken on an emotional journey that makes us think of our own fathers.

“Give him a big heart, make his arms wide open
I know he misses me, so mister, I was hopin'
You could build me a daddy”

"Certainly being a dad, it really touched me in a special way," Luke wrote. "Country music is certainly about storytelling and this song does such a great job of telling the story." And this song is definitely a story that will resonate with hearts all over the world.

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