Natalie Grant And Husband Sing 'Joy' By For King And Country During Quarantine

Natalie Grant And Husband Sing 'Joy' By For King And Country During Quarantine

While stuck inside during quarantine, Natalie Grant and her husband share a performance of the song ‘Joy’ by For King & Country.

“Lately, I've been reading, watching the nightly news
Don't seem to find the rhythm, just wanna sing the blues
Feels like a song that never stops
Feels like it's never gonna

Gotta get that fire, fire, back in my bones
Before my heart, heart, turns into stone
So somebody please pass the megaphone
I'll shout it on the count of three

One, two, three
Oh, hear my prayer tonight, I'm singing to the sky
Give me strength to raise my voice, let me testify
Oh, hear my prayer tonight, 'cause this is do or die
The time has come to make a choice”

Natalie Grant is passionately singing out the lyrics of the song, giving it all she has to worship the Lord.

On her YouTube, Natalie writes, “I’ve loved this song from For King & Country since it first released. We listen to it around our house all the time. But man is the message perfect for this season,” she says. “I choose joy in this moment. Because the joy of the Lord is our strength. It was fun to put our own spin on one of our fav songs. Hope it brings you joy tonight.”

Many of her fans have taken to YouTube to express how much they love the songs that she is sharing from her home.

“This has become a part of my daily worship,” writes one YouTube user. “Every morning I look forward to what Ms. Natalie Grant is going to perform for us next. Thank you, Ms. Grant, for blessing us with your voice every morning.”

“I love every single one of these songs you keep posting!” another person comments. “They bring me joy on the hardest day, they help me to worship throughout my day. Our Jesus deserves our best and Natalie, you give it your all.”

May this song fill your soul and remind us all to continue to choose joy each day.

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