Natalie Grant


'Isn't He (This Jesus)' - Natalie Grant And The Belonging Co - Christian Music Videos

Natalie Grant is one of the most recognized names in Christian music. Recently, this talented musician was at a writer's retreat at her church, The Belonging. Before they started to work, Natalie's preacher reminded everyone that that it always has been and always will be about Jesus and nothing else. That phrase struck a chord with Natalie and some of her fellow writers and the beautiful song 'Isn't He (This Jesus)' was created. This is such an amazing worship song filled with love and praise for His name. It truly reminds us of the real reason that we are living and breathing and God is working around us all the time. When we hand our worries and burdens over to the Lord, we are giving him the weight from our shoulders. Only when we fully trust in Him, will we begin to see the amazing opportunities He has in store for each of us. I'm so glad that this beautiful performance is being shared with the world. Amen!