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American Idol Hopeful Jovin Webb Sings Bluesy Tune For His Late Mom

American Idol Hopeful Jovin Webb Sings Bluesy Tune For His Late Mom

28-year-old Jovin Webb earned a standing ovation with his bluesy rendition of ‘Whipping Post’ on American Idol.

Jovin Webb had a long journey before standing in front of the judges. While he was in college, Jovin lost her mother. “My mother was everything to me. She was my backbone.”

This woman help such a special place in his heart and her absence left a huge hole. “She was my biggest fan. And the one person that truly loves you. You know what I mean? Worst day of my life…by far.”

After her death, Jovin tried to numb his pain in a number of destructive ways. But when his son was born, Jovin felt alive again and knew he needed to turn his life around.

He said, "I don't want him to ever be afraid. I don't want him to ever feel alone. My reason to be here is to show my son, anything you want out of life, you can get it. If my momma can do it, I can do it.” And as soon as Jovin started singing ‘Whipping Post’ by The Allman Brothers, all of the judges were in awe. After the raw performance, judge Luke Bryan stood up to congratulate Jovin.

And then, Lionel Ritchie gave him one of the biggest compliments by saying, “You officially brought the BBQ sauce to American Idol. You understand, I don’t have to say a lot except that is what BBQ sauce sounds like.” Jovin easily earned his ticket to Hollywood and I have no doubt that he will go far in this competition.

Who else is looking forward to his next performance?