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Anthony Hopkins Tears Up When Orchestra Performs His Original Composition Decades Later

Anthony Hopkins Tears Up When Orchestra Performs His Original Composition Decades Later

In this moving video, an orchestra teams up with Anthony Hopkins and performs an original composition of his decades later.

Not only is Sir Anthony Hopkins an incredible actor, but he is a talented composer as well! Titled “And The Waltz Goes On,” this piece by Hopkins was performed by André Rieu & His Johann Strauss Orchestra. At the beginning of this video, you can see the look of excitement on Anthony Hopkins’s face as the orchestra is about to start playing his piece.

The music starts off with light string plucking. Then a clarinet plays a few low notes, followed by a saxophone. The string section comes in next, adding a fullness to the music. Later, the conductor even grabs a violin and joins the orchestra in playing the beautiful melody.

As the music swells and a choir onstage joins in with the musicians, you can feel the magic and energy that is captivating everyone there. Some audience members can be seen swaying as they feel the movement of the music, others are so drawn to the music that they can’t look away from the stage.

Anthony Hopkins is seen smiling ear to ear and looking around to see if others are enjoying the piece that he composed. He can even be seen humming parts of the melody in certain parts. As he is taking in the sight, he tears up realizing how this wonderful orchestra is performing his original composition decades after he wrote it down.

While the song has a more mysterious feel at the beginning, halfway through the melody becomes a bit more playful and fun. People in the audience start dancing in their seats and can’t help but smile at one another. Even the musicians on stage look like they are having a grand time!

One person on YouTube comments about the music and says, “It's beautiful... there is love, happiness, playfulness, and a shy reserved nature about it. I suspect much like the man who wrote it.”

Anthony Hopkins did an outstanding job creating this dramatic piece of music, and the talented musicians did a wonderful job bringing it to life as well. This magnificent piece is hauntingly enchanting with a melody that you will be humming along to long after you hear it.