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2 Sisters Sing Viral ABBA Cover Of 'Chiquitita'

2 Sisters Sing Viral ABBA Cover Of 'Chiquitita'

Two talented sisters perform an ABBA cover to the smash hit ‘Chiquitita.’ This song was originally recorded by the pop group in 1979.

The tune went on to become oen of the group’s most popular singles and topped music charts all around the globe. The lyrics offer us a message of hope that ABBA felt compelled to share.

On their official website, ABBA writes about the story behind the song. “With Agnetha singing the first verse alone, joined by Frida for the remainder of the song, the lyrics were now transformed into a message of comfort and encouragement, wherein the singers try to instill some hope of better days to come into a heartbroken friend.”

“Chiquitita, tell me the truth.
I'm a shoulder you can cry on.
Your best friend, I'm the one you must rely on.”

Today, 12-year-old Abby and her sister, Annalie, are performing a duet of this beloved tune. They were inspired by the message and knew that it was important to continue to share these words of encouragement today.

Just listen as they both come together and belt out the iconic lyrics of ‘Chiquitita.’

“Let me hear you sing once more
Like you did before.
Sing a new song, Chiquitita.”

There’s no doubt that Abby and Annalie have an incredible gift for performing. And their song selection perfectly complimented their harmonious vocals. And the message of acceptance and friendship reiterated throughout the video is such an important reminder to us all.

Thank you, Abby and Annalie, for using your God-given talent to lift up others.