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Contemporary Dancer Harrison Moves The Judges With Love-Themed Routine

Contemporary Dancer Harrison Moves The Judges With Love-Themed Routine

Contemporary dancer Harrison returns to The Greatest Dancer stage for another remarkable performance.

We first met Harrison when he auditioned as a scary-looking dancing clown for the popular British show. The Greatest Dancer follows performers of all ages and genres as they compete for prize money and the chance to appear on Strictly Come Dancing.

At first, the dancer or group is hidden behind a wall. As they start to perform, the audience is given the chance to vote on the audition. If more than 75 percent of the audience likes the dancer, the mirrored-wall will open and the dancer moves on to the next round.

No one knew what to expect when he stood in the stage with just a red balloon in his hand. But as soon as the music started, Harrison turned this creepy moment into an incredible dance routine that caught the attention of all the judges. He easily won over the audience and earned a spot in the next round.

Week after week, Harrison has brought talent and creativity to the stage with his themed performances that completely immerse you in the story.

Today, Harrison is taking it to the next level with this jewelry-box themed routine. As a ballerina spins around, Harrison appears as the love interest that is hoping to win her hand in marriage.

The sweet routine combined incredible talent with a compelling story. It’s so amazing to watch this young man express himself through dance in such a beautiful way. Who else thinks Harrison has what it takes to win the whole competition?