A Lot Like Me

As Christians we're going to have ups and downs. You're always going to have questions. These are some questions I posed in prayer one day, and decided I'd make a song out of it. Many times the problems we have are a result of that guy looking back at us in the mirror. I wrote this in September 2005. I sing this one a little scratchy here and there. I could clean it up, but it's pretty raw the way it is. Maybe one day soon I'll sing one of my heavy metal songs. I enjoy what I'm doing now, but I do want to get "loud" once in a while. Here are the lyrics: A Lot Like me

Hey there Lord, wondering can you hear me?
What's going on, why aren't You near me?

So many questions yea and, so much time
why'd You go and turn that water into wine?

You're not the author of confusion
You're the Lord of truth
why do I question, why do I still need proof?

I'm still a lot like me, but I wanna be more like You
Lord Jesus help me, figure out just what to do

Everyday I see a little more of You in me
sometimes I feel bound up, where I should be free

1st, 3rd, Chorus (more)

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