Sing His Praise -Original Worship Song w/ Lyrics -by Samuel Ramsey

Wrote the lyrics to this song a few months ago and I read them at church during worship. A few of my friends wanted to help me put music to it and this was the final product! Enjoy =] Lyrics below:

Verse 1:
A love that won't expire
spurs my heart to sing of grace
This mighty cloud this joyous choir
raise the tune of your embrace
Never again will I be quiet
my heart holds too great a song
live in this good, I can't deny it;
the righteous judge has righted wrong

No shame, no grief, no sorrow dares my soul to stain
New life I haven't borrowed, this real life I've come to gain
To sing his praise unending, could there be a greater song?
No greater love has man than this, love lived and suffered long

Verse 2:
Suffered, bled and died for
"friends" that never knew thy gain
Hearts departed in willful shackles
still you drew us through your pain
shattered our sin and crushed it's father
gave your children a new name
Adopted and loved as sons and daughters;
ransomed, redeemed and reclaimed

The Bridge:
Once I lifted my eyes
to see naught but brokenness and frailty
E'er I lifted my voice,
I'd sing only stolen songs
But now joy is mine
My heart now owns that melody
The king has come, death must flee,
Now Sing His Praise Unending!

Hosanna Lord You Alone Can Save

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