Evolution of the Bombardier Beetle

Here I present a HYPOTHESIS for the gradual evolution of the bombardier beetle's defense mechanism. This hypothesis was formulated by Mark Isaak and can be found at


The cornerstone of Intelligent Design (ID) is that some structures are Irreducibly Complex (IC) and therefore disprove evolution. They claim that since no means for their evolution exists the default hypothesis must be that they were designed. So far, every structure, system, or complex that was claimed by ID advocates to be IC has proved otherwise with evidence surfacing of their gradual evolution. If a structure is IC then it should be impossible to form a logically and scientifically sound hypothesis for its gradual evolution. Here I do just that, therefore allowing us to reject the ID hypothesis of IC on their own grounds. Talk about beating them at their own game.

In no way does a hypothesis constitute proof. It is a starting point for further scientific investigation and will most likely go through many revisions throughout its life.

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