Be Still (And Know That I Am God), Written by Janie D. Youhas Copyright 2012

I wrote this one Sunday morning in the church, I was attending. The sermon was about "Being Still". And listening for the voice of God, which is always whispering to you. Based on Psalm 46:10. On this particular Sunday, Hymns were conducted without music. Most of our time was spent in meditation and Learning how to quiet the soul. We sat there... waiting for God to speak. Well, God certainly started speaking to me on that Sunday morning! . I grabbed the closest thing I had to write on; my church bulletin, found a pen, and Istarted writing out these words that God was whispering to me. I would like to share with you now. May we all learn to "Be Still" and listen to that quiet voice of God. He does have a voice.. and he wants to speak to you... IF you will learn to just "Be Still" and know that HE is God! Have (another) great day everyone. Love you all.

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