God's Cure for Cancer - Autobiography

I was healed by the Word of God—with no chemotherapy, no radiation and no surgery!

With God's Cure for Cancer, Dr. Weston L. Blair chronicles his own battle with Stage IV non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and his journey from diagnosis to his cancer-free declaration. Coupling religious teaching with his own experience, Blair outlines God’s secret medicine and His promise to heal.

Throughout the book, Blair, an ordained minister recalls the good news, bad news and his being
declared free of cancer. “During my journey with cancer, I turned to God for guidance and protection,” says Blair. “His Word healed me and I have been cancer-free for over seven years.”

This memoir, filled with scripture and spiritual teachings, provides insight into Blair’s battle with the
fear, pain and hopelessness that accompanies a cancer diagnosis. Finding solace in his faith, Blair
chronicles how he coped with his daily challenges. “A cancer diagnosis and the challenges that follow are some of the most difficult tests a human being can face,” says Blair. “However, we do not have to face them alone.”

Blair urges readers to realize that there is an alternative to chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. It is his hope that this book will build a foundation of hope and faith in cancer patients as they allow God to take control and begin His healing process.

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