Chiveis Trilogy Book Trailer

"The Sword," "The Gift," and "The Kingdom" by Bryan M. Litfin.
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About the books:
"Four hundred years in the future, a deadly virus and colossal nuclear war have destroyed the modern world. Surviving societies have returned to a chivalrous age of swords and horses. The breathtaking mountain kingdom of Chiveis lives in peace, protected from the outside world and obedient to its own gods. Though a noble civilization has emerged, Christianity has been forgotten—until a mysterious book is found. When an army scout and a beautiful farmer’s daughter discover an ancient copy of the Bible, everything starts to change, both in Chiveis and abroad in new and dangerous lands.

The three books in the Chiveis Trilogy are now available as a complete set. Readers will speed through them in quick succession as Litfin’s fast-paced storytelling captures their hearts and imaginations."

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