Live Like You'll Never Bring Your Headphones - MM4H Mashup

Another MM4H Mashup! (With A Video!)

Songs (In Order, More or Less):
There's Power - MM4H Feat. AutoJ
It's Chill (MM4H Remix) - Lancifer
Jesus Freak - DC Talk
Headphones - Britt Nicole
Live Like There's No Tomorrow - Lightswitch
Bring Your Bass (Let's Drop it) - Lancifer
You'll Never Be Alone - Capital Kings
The Paradigm (feat. Soul Glow Activatur) - Capital Kings

Over Spring/Easter-Break I've been working on a few songs and remixes. I decide as an "Easter Egg" goodie to combine some of the song and ideas into one. "There's Power" is a song I'm working with some friends about The Power in Jesus and who he was. It was inspired after my friends and I watched Passion of the Christ. Since "There's Power" isn't finished, I tacked on the beat/drums from my remix of Lancifer's It's Chill. Most of the other songs are in my collection of DIY Acapellas I've been making (which can be very hard when not much material is available) or from some remixes I never finished. However, I am working on a official remix for Lightswitch, I'm remixing Live like There's No Tomorrow. Anyway, It's up on Soundcloud, plus it's a free download, so go check it out! Enjoy the song!
Free Download on Soundcloud:">


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