News Bulletin 21 September 2012 -- The Christian Institute

Christian Bed & Breakfast owner, Susanne Wilkinson, has appeared in court after a gay couple sued her for damages when they were refused a double room at her B&B in Buckinghamshire -- Sarah Catt, a mother who aborted her baby days before he was due, has been sentenced to eight years in prison at Leeds Crown Court -- Green councilor Christina Summers, a Christian, who defied her party's support for redefining marriage has been expelled from the local Green group on Brighton and Hove City Council -- The Parliament of Australia has overwhelmingly rejected attempts to legalise gay marriage in two decisive votes -- A new consultation asking for the public's views on three-parent embryos has been launched by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority -- A coalition of pro-life supporters have said that the success of the Paralympics shows that our law which allows disabled babies to be aborted anytime up to birth should be scrapped -- And Britain's longest survivor of locked-in syndrome, Christine Waddell, has used her first television interview to tell of her passion for life.

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