I'm In The Kingdom-Holy Hip Hop

I'm in the Kingdom by Kamal Emanuel
Thy Kingdom Come
Thy Will Be Done
On Earth as it is in Heaven!

I'm in the Kingdom!

I'm feeling fresh
one of his chosen
I'm blessed
meditating on his word
I do my best
doubting Thomas' surround me
I care less
The Devil Sidetracked me
All my life
But the door opened up
His name is Christ
He called for me and I didn't think twice
I'm in the Kingdom!

See what that means is
I finally stopped trying to do it my way
I got off the local streets and hit the highway
the fly way
he has no speed limit so I accellerated
and for the rest of my life
I'll be prayed up and meditated!

I'm in the kingdom!

Aint no stopping me now evil fella
I'm rolling with the God and the 24 elders
Some of yall might not know what that means
I'm a king cause I'm rolling with the King of Kings
I was trapped in a maze trying to figure it out like what's this Jesus stuff all about?
I was lied about Jesus
Too much pride for the Jesus
Til he changed my heart
Now I ride for the Jesus

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