JD Lawrence's STOP BEING CRUEL (Official Music Video)

Ebony Magazine calls JD Lawrence, "The Man of Many Faces" and one of those faces is taking bullying, head on, with a bold new music video, Stop Being Cruel. It is performed by Lawrence and written by Edmond Jones Jr. and Jean Impert of LIEG Music. Stop Being Cruel, Lawrence says, is more than just a good song with a good beat. It's an anti-bullying anthem with heart and a message that, "Gives victims a voice and bullies a choice." Having experienced bullying himself as a child and adult, due to a speech impediment and weight challenges, makes his connection to this rapidly growing epidemic personal. Stop Being Cruel Lawrence says is the start to a no-holds barred campaign anchored by a one-man stage-play, BULLIES, a theatrical presentation that will hopefully encourage, entertain and educate students and faculty on bullying. Lawrence knows first hand on how cruel and detrimental bullying can be and the need for not just answers but resolution. Bullying is the most common form of school violence today. It produces a timorous school environment and leads to absenteeism. Bullying can also result in loneliness, depression, anxiety problems, and eating disorders. Many children even commit suicide, also known as bullycide, because of bullying. Lawrence along with LIEG Music, Who's Laughing Now Entertainment and Krossview Productions president, Tony Jean, agree what better way to send a message than through the arts? Hopefully a bully will see something or even themselves in the vid

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