God & Creation

Very soon, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ will herald with it an eternity of love, peace & exploration on a grand scale that is beyond anything we could ever dream of. Whole realms of stars, planets & astronomical phenomena await to be seen and experienced first-hand. The company that the children of God will keep in these times is also something to look forward to; as they will have access to the Lord and all of the unfallen individuals. This video is a testament to the glory of God, and His fine works of creation. You don't have to travel very far in our own Milky Way Galaxy to see what the actual photographs in this video reveal. Yet, this is only just a preview of the things to come. We are yet to see what the features of our neighbouring galaxies look like (such as Andromeda), and indeed; what we cannot yet see with telescopes. The times of exploring the universe with the Lord are closer than most people think. The Sixth Seal of Revelation will soon be opened. Be mindful of the difficulties a follower of God will endure during this period. It will not be easy, but with God all things are possible. It is critical to keep your eyes fixed on the prize of eternity, and the things that are yet to be seen.

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