Wise Her Still Book Trailer (Book For Women)

Wise Her Still is a unique teaching device geared at reaching the women of GOD through stories that they can relate to. Each character in 'Wise Her Still' has endured the consequences of wrong choices. These choices led to a journey of hurt, pain, betrayal and oppression; steering the reader into the comforts of wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

The stories in 'Wise Her Still' will touch the hearts of readers from around the world; causing them to fall in love with GOD all over again. When one understands why they went through what they've went through, it is easier for them to forgive and move forward. Each lesson in life has wisdom written all over it. But, through teary eyes and striving, women often miss the wisdom of the trial and focus on the trial itself. 'Wise Her Still' will help the women of GOD to look past the situations to see what they need to see; helping them to become the diamonds that they were chiseled to be.

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