“What energy do you worship?” A thought provoking short film, comparing various types of religious worship, to the worship of nature and the energy of its oceans.rnrn“What energy do you worship?” stars the world’s best waves and surfers; @%!!% Fanning, Andy Irons, Bruce Irons, Sofia Mulanovich, Jamie O’Brien, K!##%ia Meador, Ross Clarke Jones, Ben Dunn, Ramana Van Bastolea, Ian Walsh and more.rnrnFilmed all over the world and completed over 12 months. Original music composed by Dewey / Schiff. rnrnThis short film forms a trilogy commissioned by Red Bull Moving Images, rnCo Written and Co Directed by Ben Nott and Phil Boston from rnworld-wide-mind.com productions.rnrn“What energy do you worship?” All rights reserved. Copyright 2008. world-wide-mind.com Inc.

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