Burma Cyclone

Pastors Timothy and Rebecca Laklem, the founders and directors of Asian Tribal Ministries, have been working in the war-zone areas of Burma along the Thai border for 30 years preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as providing humanitarian relief such as food, medical supplies, clothing, and hope to the hurting and often displaced peoples of Burma.rnrnA few months ago, Pastor Timothy had requested from the Burmese authorities permission to build schools and visiting families and children in the south of Burma (where the disaster has hit) and ATM also had plans to have the first Christmas Outreach there at the end of the year to many children who have never received a Christmas gift.rnrnIn response to the recent cyclone Nargis and the destructive stamp it left upon the Irrawaddy Delta region of Burma, Asian Tribal Ministries will be sending in relief teams to assist with medical needs, food distribution, water purification, and hope.rnrnAsian Tribal Ministries has been given permission by the authorities of Burma, as one of the very few overseas Christian organizations given permission, to bring relief into the disaster zone.rnrnThe death toll has already reached 100,000 and increasing due to aid being slow in reaching the people.rnrnOver one million people are homeless, with no food, no drinking water, and prevalent diseases. In the next few months, monsoon season will be upon the region and will make the situation even more chaotic.rnrnYour help is needed. For more information on how you can get involved to help in this crucial time, contact Pastors Timothy and Rebecca Laklem at the following email address:[email protected]

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