Boys Are Not The Answer- Christian Rap- (stickwitu beat)

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To the girls: Nowadays it seems easy to depend on other people for happiness like your friends, or in most cases boyfriends. I know many of my friends date a lot and at first it's all good and everything but later on down the road they're all depressed or what not. So there has to be something more than just dating or having a boyfriend! But what is it? Listen to the lyrics of this song and i'll tell you!<br /><br />

<br /><br />


We look to guys to fill the void inside<br /><br />

Treatin' our feelings to a roller coaster ride<br /><br />

Giving our hearts away to anyone who'll take it<br /><br />

Realizin' too late that love is too hard to fake it<br /><br />

We realize too late when our heart's all broken <br /><br />

Throwin' our hearts away givin' any guy the token<br /><br />

Throwin' the key away into a pond full of fish<br /><br />

Treatin' our body like it's just another dish<br /><br />

Decorating, forgetting it's what's inside that matters<br /><br />

But we don't realize till our heart shatters<br /><br />

So I look to Jesus<br /><br />

He mends the pieces <br /><br />

Gives me more kisses<br /><br />

Than Hershey kisses<br /><br />

He's the HEALER<br /><br />

My one REDEEMER<br /><br />

He's the seeker <br /><br />

and I'm the reeper<br /><br />

My only true pursuer<br /><br />

My sweetest lover

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