Shady 2.0 Cypher 2011 The Response - by Sane CHUK - Drive By Barz

Preliminary Spit leading up to his May 21, 2012 release of "Rite of Passage" ReMixCD
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Music will debut on:

Video Explanation for Christians:
The gist of this poetic/rap/cypher expression is that: Being Christian does not mean that as a man you are not "Tough", the point is that it is a decision to submit to the teachings of Christ and "Turn the other Cheek" and LOVE OUR ENEMIES. It's actually tougher to follow Christ and forgive than it is to retaliate and fight.

THUMBS UP to the warriors around the world following Christ to the End even if they have to pay the ULTIMATE PRICE their very life FOR His Word and His Glory!!!!!!!

Sane CHUK goin in on the 100 Pound Heavy Bag 2009 speed and power:

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