Garden of Secrets - Shani Ferguson (official music video)

This stop motion music video is made up exclusively of almost 5000 still photographs. Nothing is video footage and there are no special effects. The song is from the album Garden of Secrets inspired from the Song of Solomon. Also available in Hebrew

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There's a garden it's full of secrets
He is calling me to come in
He takes my hand and draws me in
He is watching and beckoning me
eyes that whisper mysteries
of a lover king who has chosen me
oh this lover king
My heart is pounding in my chest
from words he speaks when love's expressed his nearness takes away my breath
His arms wrap around me in perfect embrace in the garden we dance and he lifts up my face and my heart it melts as I gaze in the eyes of my love
His words are a balm healing pain from the past, from the lovers I had that I knew wouldn't last

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