News Bulletin 16 December 2011 -- The Christian Institute

A letter signed by over 70 churches in Scotland calling on First Minister Alex Salmond to support the current definition of marriage, has been handed over during a Scotland for Marriage rally in Edinburgh -- Head of R&D at Tesco, Nick Lansley, has branded Christians as 'evil' for resisting the redefinition of marriage to allow for same-sex marriage -- Trevor Phillips, head of Britain's equality watchdog, has branded moves to stop Bideford Council from saying prayers at the start of it's meetings as 'nonsense' -- The House of Lords has debated new Government regulations which allow civil partnerships to be registered in religious premises -- Over two thirds of Britons think that parents or guardians should be the main people responsible for teaching their children about sex -- Childhood advisor to the government, Reg Bailey has said Christmas is about giving -- And a Christian charity which rebrands counterfeit clothing before distributing to the homeless.

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