Elizabeth Ritchey

I Will Stand is a song about perseverance and strength with the Lord on our side. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, and He will finish the work He started in us! :)

Meditating on You is like the spring rain
When I talk to You, You take away my pain

Delighting in You when You delight in me, I long to see Your face and hold You close to me

Chorus: I Will Stand, I Will Stand..With You right beside me, You're holdin my hand and I will stand, Lord I will stand...with You right beside me, You're holding my hand!

Your peace and righteousness, are abundant and free, like Your love for me, Your Word guides me through a troubled land, and through the desert, I will stand....

I Will Stand, I will stand.....With You right beside me, You're holdin my hand, I will stand, I will stand...With You right beside me, You're holdin my hand...

You're the air I breathe..and You're love for me is so amazing, so rich and free! *yeah*

I Will Stand...I will Stand...With You

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