Jordan's Banks, Someday

Jordan's Banks, Someday

Are You there or am I here? Or are we both together here?
I can’t see Your face, I don’t feel Your touch
I don’t feel much

But You heal the broken things
And You give the flightless wings
And You give the weary strength
And You’ll lead me to Jordan’s banks,

I’m all alone in this old house, I feel so stuck, I can’t get out!
And I’m being chased by one who haunts, but I know my soul You bought

I’m hidden here in murky fog. Feel I’m sinking down, I’m in a bog
And I can’t see myself, but I see You! And You see You in me too

And You healed this broken thing
You gave this flightless bird some wings
I was so weary but You gave me strength
You are leading me to Jordan’s banks
By hand, in grace
To see You someday!

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