Marty Raybon - I've Seen What He Can Do (Official Music Video) HD

What would you say if your child asked, what does God look like? How would you answer such an innocent yet very profound question? Often in our day to day we might wonder what God looks like, but in truth, if we take a moment to reflect, He reveals Himself to us every second of every day. His glory is evident in the rising of the sun to the going down of the same; in every breath we take and in every step we make. God’s presence has been, is and ever shall be all around us and this powerful new music video, “I’ve Seen What He Can Do,” by Marty Raybon provides a testimony which is a heartwarming uplifting message that will truly strengthen your faith!

Powerful new song "I've Seen What He Can Do" by Marty Raybon. First single release from Marty's upcoming album HAND TO THE PLOW releasing in 2012 on Rural Rhythm Christian.

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