Power In Faith - Believe / Believing It Because God Said So

After speaking at many assemblies across the U.S. and holding local bible studies Joel has decided to go to the Internet (YouTube, GodTube & Personal Website coming soon!) with his inspirational teachings from God. With the encouragement from his family and friends he hopes to be a blessing to others as he has been to us!

Believe it because God said So part 1. This is the first of many messages to come.

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This message speaks of believing Gods word. We must believe the word just as God said and apply it to our lives and accept nothing less.

Below is a helpful saying in which I say daily and it can be a help to others. We hope you enjoy and look forward to hearing from you!

I am a Believer, I'm not a doubter. I am above and not beneath. I'm blessed going and blessed coming in. I'm the head and not the tail. I am an overcomer. I am a victor and not a victim. I'm a child of the KING! I'm a winner. HALLELUJAH!!!

-That is the kind of confession you need to make over your life. Even if you don;t understand it all now, even if you are unable to really bring yourself up to the level of beleving all of what you just confessed SAY IT ANYWAY and SAY IT LOUD....
Look in the mirror and after awhile, by and by, you will begin to believe it. All of a sudden it will strike you. All of a sudden you will get excited about it. All of a sudden you will realize that who you are that is what you believe and have!

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