God's Plan Part I " Intro " please read full description

This is the introduction to God's Game Plan for my LIFE! He you will see how to receive God's Best while always KEEPING HIM NUMBER 1 and KEEPING HIM YOUR FIRST PRIORITY.

Remember the scripture in Matt 6:33 " Seek ye FIRST the KINGDOM OF GOD and ALL his righteouness and ALL these things shall be ADDED unto YOU.

Also remember, "What profited a man if he GAINS the WHOLE world and lose his SOUL. KEEPING GOD FIRST IS A MUST....

The bible also reads " I have NEVER seen the RIGHTEOUS forsaken nor HIS SEED begging bread ' *God will not leave you alone or to in a state in which you are forsaken.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to receive God's BEST but it is wrong once, one replaces there natural desires over God's place in your hearts. We hope you enjoy and this is just eh introduction of of this series we hope you ENJOY! God Bless you ALL...

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