News Bulletin 13 January 2012 -- The Christian Institute

Lord Falconer, Chairman of The Commission on Assisted Dying has said that the report released last week, which suggested that adults thought to have less than a year to live should be able to ask doctors for drugs to end their life, is 'not' without risk -- An increasing number of women who are expecting multiple births are aborting one or more of their unborn babies -- Government Minister Sarah Teather has written to business leaders inviting them to meet with the Prime Minister in a bid to tackle child sexualisation -- Boots the Chemists have caused outrage over a range of sex toys they are selling at many of their stores -- Premier Christian Radio, which was banned from airing an advert on 'Christian marginalisation' has been given permission to go to court and challenge the decision -- The proportion of children in Britain being brought up in single-parent families is higher than any other major European country -- Robert and Susan Erskine became Britain's oldest married couple.

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